September 28, 2020

About Us

Golf is a game of discipline and passion. It also provides an excellent environment for building strong social and business relations. In fact, business deals have been planned, formulated and agreed upon on a golf course. The readers of this magazine are more than just golfers. They enjoy the finer things in life and with high disposable incomes, possess the power to purchase.

Corporate Golf is now more than just an event for sponsors and participants to flaunt their “Inner Tiger”, with more than 15 corporate golfing events staged monthly across the region, this is now more than a sport it is now the most effective means of networking and improving corporate communications whilst playing & enjoying the test of the most challenging courses in the regions.

So bizgolfSEA was conceptualized and is now growing to be a leading Corporate Golf publication reaching the avid golfer, event professional, marketing head and leaders in the corporate world.
bizgolfSEA offers the reader more than just how to play, it offers the reader the opportunity-where to play and be entertained by some of the best golf writers in the business.

Of course, it’s not all about golf sticks and clubhouses bizgolfSEA also delves into the finer things in life such as international travel stories, indulgences, fashion, tips, tricks, motoring reviews and getting the most out of your Corporate Golf day from the sponsors, event hosts through to the smiling participant.

bizgolfSEA covers the game’s best personalities, all major championships, and provides reviews of new and high-performance equipment. The magazine also focuses heavily on golf course reviews, and the best travel (and most luxurious) destinations to play the game

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